Canine Spay/Neuter Surgery Services

Our canine spay/neuter patients will not require an E-collar after surgery!

Surgery Pricing includes a free microchip and the following services:

  • free nail trim
  • pre-surgical exam
  • IV fluids and anesthesia and monitoring
  • pain medication during surgery
  • post surgical nursing and monitoring
  • hospitalization stay
  • pain medication and antibiotics to take home as required
  • next day follow-up call and follow up exams if needed

Canine Spay <10kg     $200.00 +tx

Canine Spay 10-20kg   $250.00 +tx

Canine Spay 20-40kg   $300.00 +tx

Canine Spay >40kg      $400.00 +tx

Canine Neuter <10kg    $150.00 +tx

Canine Neuter 10-20kg  $170.00 +tx

Canine Neuter 20-40kg  $190.00 +tx

Canine Neuter >40kg      $220.00 +tx


Additional services available for surgical patients:

Vaccines can be administered at an additional cost of $20.00 +tx/vaccine

Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork $85.00 +tx

We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork for all surgeries, for older dogs or dogs with pre-existing medical conditions we may require pre-anesthetic bloodwork.

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Phone: 905-688-3720

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